Stop the Wars at Home and Abroad!

Liberal Russophobia and War Propaganda

by Margaret Kimberley, published on Black Agenda Report, April 13, 2022 U.S. liberals are the worst perpetrators of Russophobic behavior. They are most likely to follow the dictates of corporate media and the democratic party and proudly take part in discriminatory acts. But foolish bans of anything Russian are just the most visible indication that war propaganda is at the root[…]

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“It’s Now or Never”: Bolivian Elite Destroying the Country

by Edu Montesante, published in TeleSUR English, November 7, 2019 To the Bolivian upper classes, President Evo Morales has to resign even if forced by extreme violence, or through a civil war. “It’s now or never!“, said a family in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, gathered close to Christ the Redeemer statue where thousands of demonstrators and road blockers stay[…]

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