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The Aftermath Of 2019 Bolivian Coup

by Yanis Iqbal, published on Countercurrents, June 10, 2020 Ever since the racist right-wing government of Jeanine Anez has assumed power, Bolivia is continuously experiencing politico-economic tumult. Recently, seven legislators of the Movement towards Socialism (MAS) filed a complaint against the Ministers of Government and Defense, Arturo Murillo and Luis Fernando López, for misconduct in the purchase of riot gear equipments. As[…]

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“It’s Now or Never”: Bolivian Elite Destroying the Country

by Edu Montesante, published in TeleSUR English, November 7, 2019 To the Bolivian upper classes, President Evo Morales has to resign even if forced by extreme violence, or through a civil war. “It’s now or never!“, said a family in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, gathered close to Christ the Redeemer statue where thousands of demonstrators and road blockers stay[…]

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