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The US Has Betrayed Egypt Again

by Steven Sahiounie, published on Mideast Discourse, October 25, 2023 The U.S. has not only betrayed Egypt.  It has made a deal to counter China and centralize India, but it requires the wealthy Arab states to normalize with Israel.  Given the current situation, this may quickly fall apart.   Maintaining the entire population of Palestine in a free fire zone may[…]

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“We Don’t Want to Die of Thirst, But we Don’t Want to Betray: Normalization is a Big Betrayal.”

by Rima Najjar, published on Countercurrents, November 28, 2021 Yesterday, I participated in demonstrations in downtown Amman against the latest step taken by the Jordanian government to normalize relations with Israel through yet another U.S.-brokered deal, this one ostensibly as a response to climate change. The deal is for Jordan to receive 200 million cubic meters (7.06 billion cubic feet)[…]

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