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After Trump Blocked UN Inquiry of Racist Violence, NGOs Are Conducting Their Own

by Marjorie Cohen, published on Truthout, December 28, 2020 Shortly after the public lynching of George Floyd, the U.S. Human Rights Network and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) organized an international coalition of more than 600 organizations and individuals to urge the United Nations Human Rights Council to convene a commission of inquiry to investigate systemic racism and police[…]

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UNAC Statement on the Uprising to Defend Black Lives

Defend Black Lives! NO Police State! NO Military Dictatorship! Release all arrestees! NO more attacks on anti-racist protesters! The United National Antiwar Committee (UNAC) stands in solidarity with communities across the country who are rising up in protest against racist police violence. As Donald Trump calls for the deployment of the U.S military in response to these national protests, UNAC[…]

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Nationwide Uprising Against Failed State Triggered By Police Killings

by Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers, published on Popular Resistance, May 31, 2020 The nationwide uprising sparked by the murder of George Floyd and other recent racially-motivated events is a response to the bi-partisan failed state in which we live. It comes in the midst of the COVID19 pandemic and the largest economic collapse in the US in more than[…]

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