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Has the Ukraine Conflict Driven U.S. Government Officials Crazy?

by Jeremy Kuzmarov, published on CovertAction Magazine, August 5, 2022 Latest outrage is the FBI’s use of flash-bang grenades and drones to startle 80-year-old leader of Black Nationalist organization who was accused of being a Russian agent—on the grounds that he attended a meeting on self-determination in Moscow seven years ago. FBI also accuses alleged Russian agent of trying to[…]

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Solidarity with Long Time Antiwar Activist Joe Lombardo

UNAC Statement on FBI Harassment of the Antiwar Movement The FBI visited the ex-wife of the UNAC coordinator, Joe Lombardo.  They said that they wanted to speak with her about his trips to Russia and Venezuela.  These trips were taken on behalf of UNAC to attend antiwar conferences in Russia and as part of an antiwar delegation to Venezuela to[…]

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