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The Sanctions Boomerang: Why Trade Bans Backfire

by Karin Kneissl, published on The Cradle, April 24, 2023 In 1806, the French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte implemented one of the most significant trade blockades in European history, known as the “Continental Blockade.” The underlying cause was a trade conflict between France and Britain. In 1793, Britain, which was at war with France, imposed a naval blockade on French port[…]

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Workers InFrance Stage Nationwide Strike For Higher Wages and 130,000 People March In Paris

by the Countercurrents Collective, published on Countercurrents, October 19, 2022 The Europeans are struggling with the insane response of the EU leadership to the Ukraine War, eagerly sacrificing their welfare to a proxy war in support of U.S. aggression and a deadly proxy war.  [jb] French workers took part in a nationwide strike Tuesday to demand higher wages to keep[…]

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Zelensky Rubbishes Biden’s war on Russia

by M. K. Bhadrakumar, published on Indian Punchline, March 11, 2022 While we are debating our own concerns in the antiwar movement about how to frame the US proxy war with Russia in Ukraine, the rest of the world is not staying silent.  They have strong opinions, most of which are not flattering.  [jb] What was the need for all[…]

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