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The Neocons’ Frankenstein Syndrome in Niger

by Julia Wright, published on Workers World, September 14, 2023 Mary Shelley, who wrote “Frankenstein,” published in 1819, was an English abolitionist born to radical feminist Mary Wollstonecraft and anarchist political philosopher William Godwin. Not only did she advocate the end of slavery, but in her father’s drawing room she overheard discussions about the beginning and the ending of biological[…]

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What’s Happening in Niger Is Far From a Typical Coup

by Vijay Prashad, produced by Globetrotter,  August 14, 2023 On July 26, 2023, Niger’s presidential guard moved against the sitting president—Mohamed Bazoum—and conducted a coup d’état. A brief contest among the various armed forces in the country ended with all the branches agreeing to the removal of Bazoum and the creation of a military junta led by Presidential Guard Commander[…]

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Workers InFrance Stage Nationwide Strike For Higher Wages and 130,000 People March In Paris

by the Countercurrents Collective, published on Countercurrents, October 19, 2022 The Europeans are struggling with the insane response of the EU leadership to the Ukraine War, eagerly sacrificing their welfare to a proxy war in support of U.S. aggression and a deadly proxy war.  [jb] French workers took part in a nationwide strike Tuesday to demand higher wages to keep[…]

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