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The Digital Marketplace Should Be a Public Good

by Daniel Kopp, published on International Politics and Society, December 17, 2020 As a turbulent year draws to a close, Covid-19 infections are again on the rise. In response, most European countries have entered another lockdown. And like earlier this year, politicians are trying to cushion the immediate social and economic fallout with furlough schemes, financial support for business and[…]

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Time to Rein in Amazon’s Empire

by Christy Hoffman, published on Consortium News, December 15, 2020 The world is entering an era of undeniable change that will be defined by our collective response to the human and economic devastation left by the pandemic. As Covid-19 continues to spread across the globe, Amazon´s rise to the top of the winner-take-all economy is a call to action to progressive forces who still believe in the politics of the common good and are willing to fight for the affirmation[…]

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Corporate Media Ignore International Cooperation as Shortcut to Coronavirus Vaccine

by Joshua Cho, published on FAIR, April 2, 2020 When Dr. Jonas Salk was asked in a legendary interview about who owned the patent on the effective polio vaccine he and his team had developed, he acknowledged that their achievement belonged to “the people,” and likened efforts to profit off their innovation to be as unethical as trying to patent[…]

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