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The Catholic Church and Nicaragua

by Becca Renk, published on NicaNotes, September 1, 2022 Recently a deluge of headlines about the Catholic Church in Nicaragua has appeared in international media – but not one of the articles has accurately explained what is happening. Below I’ll break down Nicaragua’s relationship with the Catholic Church and recent events, all links are to excellent articles for those who[…]

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What’s Behind the Protests Rocking Nicaragua?

Women and girls build a barricade in Managua, Nicaragua to protect their selfs from paramilitary and police. June 16 2018 by Christine Marie, published on Socialist Action, August 9, 2018 Since April, hundreds of thousands of Nicaraguans have taken to the streets in protest of the policies of the government led by FSLN President Daniel Ortega. The protests at one[…]

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Nicaragua: Breaking Out of ‘Soft Coup’ Psychosis

Riot police officers travel past a burning car during clashes with the anti-government protesters in Managua, Nicaragua May 28, 2018. | Photo: Reuters by Tortilla con Sal, originally published on TeleSUR In his 2005 Nobel address, British playwright Harold Pinter wrote of U.S. foreign policy that the U.S. rarely invades its target countries, preferring to infect the country with “a[…]

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