Stop the Wars at Home and Abroad!

Foreign Agents Registration Act is a Tool to Repress Dissent

published on FightBack News, April 30, 2023 Outrageous indictments and arrest warrants issued for APSP leadership.  At the antiwar rally in Washington DC on March 18, Omali Yeshitela said “These people must be really stupid if they think that Black People in the US need Russians to tell them that they are oppressed!”  [jb] Minneapolis, MN – On April 18,[…]

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A Statement On Ukraine From the Black Liberation Movement

Black liberation movement organizations issued a joint statement opposing US/NATO actions in Ukraine. Dismantle NATO Now! Rescind the $16B US Allocations to the Ukraine War! US Imperialism is the Main Danger to Peace, Sovereignty, and Justice for Peoples all Over The World! The ongoing crisis and war in Ukraine threatens to pull the world into a disastrous nuclear confrontation. Disinformation, lies,[…]

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