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Maui’s Deadly Inferno: Disaster Capitalism in Action

by Barry Shephard, published on Socialist Action, August 17, 2023 People around the world viewed with horror the wildfire on Maui, one of the Hawaiian Islands, with the historic city of Lahaina, formerly the capital of the Hawaiian Kingdom, being burned to the ground, people trying to escape by jumping into the ocean or by car, cars burned, and more.[…]

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Environmental Racism Leads to Water Crisis in Jackson, Mississippi

by Molly Rosenzweig, published on Socialist Action, September 5, 2022 Residents of Jackson, Mississippi, a city of 150,000 that is 82.5 percent Black, have not had reliable access to clean water for five days. On Monday, the Pearl River flooded from extreme rainfall, and caused the main water treatment plant to fail, resulting in low to no water pressure. A[…]

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