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After Earthquake Devastates Syria, US Shows No Interest in Lifting Sanctions

by Dave DeCamp, published on, February 6, 2023 US sanctions are specifically designed to prevent Syria’s reconstruction.  Due to U.S. imposed sanctions, international NGOs generally operate only outside government controlled areas in Syria. [jb] After a devastating earthquake hit Syria and Turkey, killing thousands of people, the US State Department showed no interest in lifting crippling economic sanctions on[…]

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Global Warming’s Horrific Devastation of Pakistan

By Farooq Tariq, published on Socialist Action, August 31, 2022 Summary on Pakistan’s flood situation Incessant monsoon rains and flash floods have devastated Pakistan, affecting millions of people and incurring huge economic losses. The scale of devastation According to the official figure of National Disaster Management Authority, floods have so far claimed the lives of 1350 people. 1 million houses[…]

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