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EU-UN Conference Raises Donations to Maintain Syrian Stalemate

by Steven Sahiounie, published on Mideast Discourse, April 2, 2021 The European Union has co-chaired with the United Nations a conference on ‘Supporting the Future of Syria and of the Region‘, March 29-30.  This is the fifth EU donor conference on Syria claiming to pursue a peaceful and sustainable future for all Syrians. However, the actual focus is not on[…]

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Western Aid: Myth and Reality

by Syed Ehtisham, published on Countercurrents, February 13, 2021 The West seeks to preserve present relations, which enable it to make immense profits by exploiting natural and manpower resources of the whole world. It also molds socioeconomic development of neo-colonial states to the purpose, by adopting development models, which will be based on foreign capital for finance, technology and know-how.[…]

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