The Criminal War on SYRIA Continues

A couple of things that may have been left unsaid: HIghly publicized protests in Southern Syria are small and instigated by imams affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood and other U.S. backed Islamist Organizations.  Currently, a bill passed in the U.S. Congress, likely to be confirmed in the Senate this year,  to extend the so-called Caesar Civilian Protection Sanctions, which are anything but, until 2032.      [jb]

Statement by Syria Support Movement, September 11, 2023
PDF available here.

The war on Syria is no longer front page news, but it has never ended.  Currently, the United States and its allies are placing enormous pressure on the Syrian people in an effort to topple the Syrian government.  The goal is not just to replace Bashar Assad with a President more conciliatory to western goals, but rather to break the country into small semi-autonomous states so it can never again be a center of resistance to Israeli and U.S. Domination.  the latest efforts involve a western media campaign promoting and exaggerating the unrest in southern Syria.

In 2011, heavily armed U.S. backed terrorists flooded Syria, committing murder and mayhem across the nation.  After a decade of vicious warfare, the Republic of Syria survived under the governance of the elected President, Bashar Assad, and an elected Parliament.

Today the fighting in Syria has largely ended, but the country suffers under onerous sanctions that make it impossible to engage in international trade or to receive international aid.  In the last five years, the Syrian Pound has gone from 500 to 13, 000 Syrian Pounds per U.S. dollar.  A once self sufficient economy, Syria cannot repair factories damaged by terrorism and earthquakes; cannot replace stolen equipment; can no longer manufacture pharmaceuticals or process food.

Meanwhile, the province of Idlib continues as a terrorist enclave under Turkish protection.  Turkey occupied other border areas while Israel bombs Syrian territories almost weekly.  Recently Israel attacked the Aleppo international airport to disrupt an international conference focused on rebuilding Syria.  On top of all these crimes, the U.S. has military bases and forces protecting a secessionist army and controlling nearly one third of Syria where the majority of Syrian oil and wheat come from.

While Syrians starve, aid pours into the terrorist held area in Idlib and Syrian oil wealth goes to support U.S. proxies.  While  Syrians go without energy for lights and heat, automobile fuel and cooking, the richest country in the world sells their gas and oil for profit.  A once thriving semi-socialist state, Syria has had to cut subsidies for food and energy, and cannot pay a living wage or support the numerous veterans from the war.  The Syrian health care system, once the best in the Arab world, is struggling to continue as they cannot import parts or software needed to operate hospital machinery and equipment for hospitals, and obtain medicine and other supplies for treatment.

Following the massive earthquake earlier this year, SSM (and other global charities) found the only way to provide aid was to hand carry resources and money into the country.  We continue to support the legitimate government  of Syria located in Damascus, and are currently engaged in modest humanitarian projects to alleviate the suffering of ordinary Syrians as a result of 12 years of  war, brutal sanctions and other U.S. regime change activities.

End the U.S. Occupation of Syria and Disband the U.S. SDF proxy army!
End all Sanctions and Unilateral Coercive Measures against Syria!
Hands off Syria!!!

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