On the Streets in Mariupol with Civilian Interviews

by Patrick Lancaster, published on his Youtube Channel

I really have been debating whether to feature Patrick Lancaster’s videos for some time.  It is disturbing to see the images from the war zone in Mariupol, but you won’t find first hand information like this in many places.   I am posting his video where he interviews people living in a Soviet Era bomb shelter (Nuclear War shelter) under a hospital, and one where he interviews people in the vicinity of the theater incident we have heard about.  I leave it to you whether you want to watch more of his videos or even subscribe to his Youtube account. [jb]

You have to consent to view these videos because the war is in the background and there are occasional bodies on the street.

In this video posted April 15, Patrick interviews people in a bomb shelter under a hospital where they have been living for a month and a half.

This one is from a couple of weeks ago.  He is in a different part of the city and there appear to be quite a few  civilians on the streets.

*Featured Image: Patrick Lancaster, with civilians in Mariupol- from video uploaded 04/15/22 from Mariupol

Patrick Lancaster reports daily live from Mariupol

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  1. Patrick Lancaster has done a great service to the world, exposing the truth about the war in Eastern Ukraine. He deserves credit for giving a voice to the voiceless victims of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and the Azov Battalion. These Nazis have killed thousands of civilians and destroyed homes. The people are extremely happy that Russia has intervened, and is providing humanitarian assistance.

    His work exposes the lies and propaganda of Western corporate media, that claims Russia is responsible for an unprovoked invasion and is committing war crimes. The truth is the opposite and it is Ukraine’s Nazis that are ruthlessly killing civilians, many of whom are Russian speakers.

  2. Amazing videos. I am UK based and have been researching this conflict since it started. The Ukrainian forces have been shooting at the people in the Donbass region since 2014, so I am not surprised by the story told by these videos. However, why did the film maker keep asking the people he spoke to their full names, and how is it they were prepared to give them when these films will now be visible to the Ukrainian government which wants them dead? The US directed anti-Russian main-stream media could immediately jump on that point to ‘prove’ that these videos were all just staged by the Russians. Although why should the Russians want to make such a tactical mistake in producing these videos? Either way, it does seem strange to have asked these people their names.

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