Calls for a Mass Mobilization Against the Vaccine Market and Speculation in Place

Statement from Labor Today

Nothing like a pandemic shows whether an economic and political system is working or is completely wrong. Nothing like a pandemic shows which interests are at the heart of that system, whether those of a few powerful people or those of the entire population.

After a year, millions of deaths around the world and measures put in place by the so-called “advanced capitalism” countries totally inadequate to stop and manage the pandemic, the story of vaccines is showing unequivocally the nature of this society and the economic system on which it stands.

Here in the neo-liberal West, it was all about “living with the virus” so that private companies could continue to make money. Always, with any levels of infections, with any number of deaths. Here all hopes of stopping the pandemic had been entrusted to vaccines, never as this time sought and found quickly, with colossal investments, especially public (only Modern has received more than 4 billion dollars from the Trump administration). Once again the pandemic highlights the interests and speculations of multinationals. The vaccine is not intended to save the population but is intended as the only tool for the resumption of production.

Those who pay more for the doses get them sooner, and to the extent promised. The others see their supplies reduced, even if they have paid in advance. Every country suspects that others have been privileged, even within the European Union. No solidarity, no common front. We see it with Astrazeneca – Anglo-Swedish company – that cuts 60% of supplies to EU countries before seeing its vaccine recognized by the EMA. We see it with Pfizer, U.S. company, which at the arrival of Biden has been pressed to increase the immediate stock to be allocated to the U.S., even at the expense of other “customers“. Strong of the clauses granted in the contracts to the multinationals of Big Pharma.

An economic and power tarantella that constantly jeopardizes the vaccination campaign especially in countries that can not play the economic upside.

If humanity wants to survive it must be able to find and manufacture vaccines, and all according to a plan and size sufficient to cure everyone. By public choice, without waiting for some multinational to grace us.
In 1952 Salk did not patent his polio vaccine to allow it to spread quickly. To the reporter who asked him “who does the patent belong to?”, he replied “to the people!”.

For this reason, on February 12th in Rome we will be in front of AIFA headquarters from 4 p.m. We invite everyone to organize widespread mobilizations throughout the country and work together to build a day of national mobilization.

For vaccines to be free and available to the entire world population must be allowed to each state to produce it independently by nationalizing the pharmaceutical companies.

If the Vaccine is to save the people,
The Patent must be of the people.

*Featured Image: Pfizer Will Reduce Vaccine Delivery in Europe

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