Did Huawei Violate Iran Sanctions?

by Professor Dr. Wang, December 12, 2018 “Information Clearing House“ – Published on Popular Resistance, December 13, 2018

No, they didn’t.

CFO Meng Wan Zhou was arrested supposedly for “violating Iran sanction”. This has to be the most grotesque distortion of justice. After all, the United States was the country which unilaterally pulled out in VIOLATION of an agreement they had solemnly signed with Iran alongside multiple nations under UN auspices earlier!

In other words, the guy who broke a solemn promise made, violated the agreement; then made sanction an American domestic law, and is now force-feeding this draconian law arbitrarily upon the rest of the world by arresting someone who refuses to violate a UN-endorsed agreement! Pray, is this making any sense to anybody?

Huawei created a subsidiary to do business with Iran, and the CFO is being charged with lying about the relationship between Huawei and the subsidiary. This seems utterly ludicrous and nonsensical. After all, when I worked at Halliburton Inc, that company did EXACTLY the same thing. Not only d-ck Cheney, our CEO was never arrested; he was invited to join the White House & became Vice President under George W. Bush!

The moral behind this story is for normal businesses to be extremely vigilant and to be aware of the true ugly face of America (and Saudi Arabia). One tosses you into jail for breaking their twisted laws they make up as they go along whilst the other goes after you with a bone saw. Both are really nothing more than thugs and hoodlums. They are far worse than the Italian Mafia because the Mafia have at least some grain of decency to commit their crimes in secret, while the “Thugs in Tuxedos” in Washington and the Saudi Govt officials commit their crimes blatantly and openly. Both show complete disregard for the sovereignty and laws of other countries. They snoop, spy, barge and bully their way through; shamelessly trying to justify their wicked actions by lying, conspiring and smearing their victims… then run publicity campaigns to sway public opinions while accusing others of violations against human rights..!!

Undoubtedly, there are good people in USA & in Saudi Arabia. I don’t wish to generalize, but time and again in America, that if ever the inflated egos of overpaid govt officials and bureaucrats feel threatened, they can suddenly turn into utterly evil, nefarious subhumans capable of the most despicable, horrific and darkest deeds.

The arrest of Meng WanZhou is a case in point.

Some years ago, I went to America starry eyed with high hopes and huge expectations, eager to learn a democratic system supposedly far superior than my country’s. Well, after completing my Ph.D degree, then staying back to gather work experience for a few years, I now stand corrected.

Life in the States has taught me to be proud of my country and my own people. Grass is definitely NOT greener on the other side and the moon out in the West is certainly no rounder or brighter.

American culture is notable for its excessive arrogance and hubris. The country is very strong in “hypes”; yes they talk big but deliver little. China on the hand is just the opposite.

American governments spend vast sums on weapons and war making. They live in the “now”, cater specifically for the interest of the rich and the privileged, and works for their own self-interest, benefits and most of all, their re-election. In contrast, the Chinese government invests heavily on massive infrastructures and the environment, works tirelessly for the ordinary people and the poor, eradicates poverty with methodical and systematic 5 – 30 year plans. These are proven facts. They are neither empty propaganda nor hollow political campaign promises.

I can’t tell you how glad I am to be home again. Not only is the food better, more importantly, I can finally stop worrying myself sick… about my elderly mother getting mucked, my wife getting raped…my children getting bullied, drugged or shot in schools… Having to live in constant fear everyday is the ultimate violation of my human right, it’s good to be back in civilization.

*Featured Image: keimikno/Flickr

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