Stop the Wars at Home and Abroad!

MLK: Beyond Vietnam to Ukraine

by Rick Sterling, published on LA Progressive, January 16, 2023 n April 1967, Martin Luther King Jr. delivered an eloquent and stirring denunciation of the Vietnam war and US militarism. The speech titled “Beyond Vietnam” is relevant to today’s war in Ukraine. In the speech at Riverside Church, King talked about how the US had supported France in trying to[…]

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Altruism and Sadism in Public Policy

by David Swanson, published on Let’s Try Democracy, June 24, 2018 Remarks at Peace Resource Center of San Diego, June 23, 2018. There are three things that are almost always underestimated: the U.S. military budget, altruism, and sadism. First, the military budget. The U.S. military budget, including all things military in various departments, is roughly 60% of federal discretionary spending,[…]

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