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Joe Biden Can’t Slap His Way Out of His Legitimacy Crisis

by Danny Haiphong, published on Black Agenda Report, April 5, 2022 Biden has tried everything. He’s declared the COVID-19 pandemic over, albeit prematurely. He’s taken credit for an alleged post-pandemic economic recovery. And he’s pumped military aid into Ukraine and implemented harsh sanctions on Russia in a bid to uphold U.S. leadership over the so-called “rules-based international order.” These moves[…]

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On Russia’s Military Intervention in Ukraine

Statement from U.S. Peace Council, March 24, 2022 What we all hoped would not happen has happened. The Russian Federation sent troops into Ukraine on February 24 in response to decades of relentless US-led NATO provocation. The present situation puts many serious, fundamental questions before the global peace movement. A fierce propaganda campaign, long simmering with Russiagate and the onset[…]

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Shock and Awe, Then and Now

by Dee Knight, published on Covert Action Magazine, March 16, 2022 “Shock and awe” was George Bush senior’s name for his “Desert Storm” attack on Iraq in 1990 – 91. A United Nations report described the effect on Iraq as “near apocalyptic,” sending Iraq back to the “pre-industrial age.” But it wasn’t enough. After a decade of sanctions against Iraq,[…]

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