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What’s The Truth Behind the Bucha and Kramatorsk Events?

by Richie Merino, published on Workers World, April 15, 2022 April 10 – Last weekend, Ukraine’s President Vlodymyr Zelensky accused Russian troops of committing war crimes in the city of Bucha, near Kiev. Moscow immediately denied the allegations, calling them “baseless” and implying that Ukrainian right-wing nationalists, with support from the Kiev regime, staged the event, placing deceased bodies in[…]

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Cuba: A Case Study of Corporate Media Disinformation

by Stansfield Smith, published on Dissident Voice, March 11, 2020 Some alternative media have exposed the US government and its corporate media fake news reporting on Russian “election interference,” on Venezuela, the war on Syria, China’s Xinjiang and Hong Kong, Nicaragua, Palestine, among others. One of the longest running media disinformation campaigns has been directed at Cuba, well covered in[…]

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