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Operation Condor 2.0: After Bolivia Coup, Trump Dubs Nicaragua ‘National Security Threat’ & Targets Mexico

by Ben Norton, published on the Grayzone, November 27, 2019 One successful coup against a democratically elected socialist president is not enough, it seems. Immediately after overseeing a far-right military coup in Bolivia on Nov. 10, the Trump administration set its sights once again on Nicaragua, whose democratically elected Sandinista government defeated a violent right-wing coup attempt in 2018. Washington dubbed Nicaragua[…]

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Disrupting Elliott Abrams on Venezuela

ELX02 WASHINGTON (USA), 25/04 / 2019.- An activist from the pacifist and leftist group “Codepink” interrupts the US special envoy  for Venezuela, Elliott Abrams, during his speech at the panel “Venezuela after Maduro: A vision for the future of the country” held Thursday at the Atlantic Council in Washington (USA). EFE / Erik S. Lesser by Pat Elder, from CodePink,[…]

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