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Anger as Miami Judge Rules Against Freedom for Alex Saab

by Staff at Fightback News, published December 27, 2022 Miami, FL – A Miami judge ruled against freedom for Venezuelan diplomat Alex Saab on December 24. In a two-week-long hearing to determine Saab’s diplomatic status and his right to immunity from prosecution, Saab’s defense team presented stacks of evidence proving his status as a special envoy. The defense even used[…]

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High-Value US Asset “Fat Leonard” Arrested in Venezuela – Possible Prisoner Swap

by Roger Harris, published on Counterpunch, October 6, 2022 The principal perpetrator, in what AP News called “one of the most extensive bribery scandals in US military history,” popped up in Venezuela of all places. Leonard Glenn Francis bilked the US Navy out of at least $35 million. The culprit goes by the moniker “Fat Leonard.” He tips the scales[…]

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