Stop the Wars at Home and Abroad!

Ukraine Will be the First Battle Won in the Emerging World

Sergio Rodriguez Gelfenstein,  published on Workers World, November 17, 2023 Interesting analysis by Venezuelan international relations expert.  Editor In Palestine, a live and direct genocide has been taking place for over a month now, sponsored and armed by the United States. Meanwhile Ukraine, Washington’s other putative child, is languishing in oblivion. So far in November, we witnessed the release of[…]

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Pro-Israel War Propaganda and Censorship

by Margaret Kimberley, published on Black Agenda Report, October 25, 2023 “I have been informed that I am being replaced as the Editor in Chief of @eLife for retweeting a @TheOnion piece that calls out indifference to the lives of Palestinian civilians.” Michael B. Eisen  Michael B. Eisen is just the latest victim of unrelenting pro-Israel war propaganda spread by[…]

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Biden Returns Empty-handed, Except for a Huge Bill for the U.S. Taxpayers

By Ralph Nader, World BEYOND War, October 22, 2023 If President Joe Biden were a pony, instead of a perennial warhorse (e.g., gung-ho for Bush/Cheney’s criminal destruction of Iraq), he would have his tail between his legs on his return from a one-day trip to Israel. He failed to achieve any immediate, critical objectives while the ongoing destruction of Gaza[…]

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