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Corporate Media Warn of Ukraine Nazis Ties

Hidden History of US-backed Fascist-led Coup By Jeff Mackler, published on Socialist Action, June 23, 2023 Two glaring New York Times headlines, dated June 5 and updated June 7, 2023 roiled the liberal establishment that to date had banned repeated accounts of the prominent role of Nazis forces in Ukraine’s government and armed forces. The first was titled, “Nazi Symbols[…]

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Ukraine Negotiation Kabuki

by Jim Kavanaugh, published on The Polemicist Substack, April 18, 2022 Though they are not given much of a voice in the mainstream media, many people oppose US/NATO sending more arms to Ukraine and oppose direct Western military intervention, because they see that such actions would only prolong an inevitably lost fight “to the last Ukrainian” and/or they do not[…]

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