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The Sound of the New War Drum Goes Tik-Tok

By Wei Yu, Nuvpreet Kalra and Melissa Garriga, March 31, 2023 Last Thursday, a Congressional hearing took place where the TikTok CEO was grilled for five hours on the grounds of “security concerns.” This was days after the FBI and DOJ launched an investigation on the Chinese-owned American company. Isn’t it ironic that while the US government is putting TikTok[…]

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Why America’s Economic War on China is Failing

by VJ Prashad and John Ross, produced by Globetrotter, published on MR Online, October 7, 2020 U.S. President Donald Trump—supported by most of the U.S. establishment—deepened the U.S. government’s assault on the Chinese economy. The “trade war” seemed to play well with Trump’s political base, who somehow hoped that an economic attack on China would miraculously create economic prosperity for[…]

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