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Neoliberalism Has Met its Match in China

by Ellen Brown, published on Truthdig, August 7, 2019 When the Federal Reserve cut interest rates last week, commentators were asking why. According to official data, the economy was rebounding, unemployment was below 4% and gross domestic product growth was above 3%. If anything, by the Fed’s own reasoning, it should have been raising rates. Market pundits explained that we’re[…]

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Why the U.S. Threatens China — as a New Superpower

by Sarah Flounders, published on International Action Center,  November 29, 2018 China’s growth into the world’s second-largest economy is being evaluated by all the corporate media, reflecting debates in U.S. ruling circles and the U.S. top military command. They are forced to admit that most of their hopes and dreams that the Chinese government could be easily overwhelmed, and that[…]

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