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The Sanctions Boomerang: Why Trade Bans Backfire

by Karin Kneissl, published on The Cradle, April 24, 2023 In 1806, the French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte implemented one of the most significant trade blockades in European history, known as the “Continental Blockade.” The underlying cause was a trade conflict between France and Britain. In 1793, Britain, which was at war with France, imposed a naval blockade on French port[…]

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Serbia Resists U.S. Led Bullying

by Greg Elich, published on CounterPunch, May 24, 2022 Serbia, a primary target of NATO aggression in the past,  now refuses to join the bully boys.     [jb] Little more than half a year has passed since Belgrade hosted the Non-Aligned Summit on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the movement’s founding, and Serbia is increasingly under fire for[…]

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