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Capitalist Russia: a Target, Not a Superpower

by Sara Flounders, published on Workers World, January 30, 2022 This article, originally published July 12, 2017, by Workers World, remains timely in January 2022 as the U.S. threatens war at the Russian border with Ukraine and ramps up China-baiting in an attempt to break up agreements being forged between nations seeking to remain independent of U.S. imperialism. See also[…]

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Contradicting US, Ukrainian President Zelensky Denies Russian Attack Imminent

by Alex Lantier, published on World Socialist Website, January 29, 2022 For weeks, Washington and its NATO allies have stoked a global war crisis with Russia, claiming that NATO must prepare to defend Ukraine from Russian invasion. Yesterday, in a stunning rebuke to NATO, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky denied that a Russian invasion was imminent and asked NATO to dial[…]

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Those Nasty Russians

by John Kiriaku, published in Consortium News, December 24, 2021 The New York Times reported this week that Russia is preparing its public for potential war with the United States. Moscow is “promoting patriotism” by training high school students in history and military history, according to the Times, and that Russian media outlets are saying that the country considers itself[…]

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