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Petition to the UN: Restoring Historical Palestine

by the Bronx Antiwar Coalition PETITION FOR THE RESTORATION OF HISTORIC PALESTINE For over a month, the world has witnessed a humanitarian horror: Israel’s assault on the captive, civilian population of Gaza. Wielding one of the most sophisticated militaries on Earth, Israel has bombed hospitals, churches, mosques, and residential homes, displacing a population of 2.3 million, and killing over 25,000[…]

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Oslo is Long Dead. Time for a New PLO.

by Kareem Youssef and Mishlin Mekleh, published on Fightback News, November 12, 2022 The Oslo accords were signed 29 years ago, on 13 September 1993. The Palestinian Authority, its main manifestation, has attempted and failed for nearly three decades to contain the Palestinian people’s resistance and struggle for national liberation. Palestine’s enemy today is not only Israel and its US[…]

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