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Free Julian Assange!

by Jeff Mackler, published on Socialist Action, December 22, 2021 Imprisoned Wikileaks founder, journalist, free speech champion and world-renowned social critic Julian Assange today faces life imprisonment for telling the truth about U.S. war crimes in Iraq, Afghanistan and at the U.S. torture base in Guantanamo, Cuba. Assange’s legal team has announced his appeal of the December 2021 UK High[…]

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US Government Seeks Harshest Sentence Ever In Leak Case Against Drone Whistleblower

by Kevin Gosztola, published on The Dissenter, July 20, 2021 This is a truly sad case.  Daniel Hale’s documents were released years ago, at which time Jeremy Scahill and The Intercept were widely praised for publishing them.  Daniel, on the other hand has been, as they say, ‘living like a refugee’, waiting for the axe to fall, every since.   […]

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A “Traitor” to the American Death Machine Faces Years in Prison — While the Killing Goes On

By Chris Hedges, Published on, July 13, 2021 Daniel will be sentenced on July 27 at 9am, in Alexandria Virginia.  There will be a press conference in New York City on Daniel’s behalf, July 17th at 10 AM at 10th Ave & 31St.  It will be recorded so look for the video on the Upstate Drone Action website. [jb][…]

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