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The Bewildering Vote in Chile That Rejected a New Constitution

By Taroa Zúñiga Silva and Vijay Prashad, Produced by Globetrotter, September 9, 2022 On September 4, 2022, more than 13 million Chileans—out of a voting-eligible population of approximately 15 million—voted on a proposal to introduce a new constitution in the country. As early as March, polls began to suggest that the constitution would not be able to pass. However, polls[…]

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Washington Watches as China and Latin America Deepen Their Ties

by Marco Fernandes, produced by Globetrotter, April 6, 2022 Less than a week after the start of Russia’s military intervention, Juan Sebastian Gonzalez, senior director of Western Hemisphere affairs at the U.S. National Security Council, in an interview with Voice of America (a State Department asset), stated that “the sanctions against Russia are so robust that they will have an[…]

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Jeff Mackler for U.S. President! Rally Launches Socialist Campaign

By David Riehle, published on Socialist Action, September10, 2019 Socialist Action’s campaign for the offices of United States president and vice president commenced on Aug. 18 at Oakland’s Humanist Hall with greetings and endorsements from a broad and impressive cadre of veteran fighters for justice and human rights. Socialist Action has put forward Jeff Mackler from Oakland, Calif., and Heather[…]

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