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COVID-19 and The India You Don’t See In the News

by Arundati Roy, published in Financial Times, April 3, 2020 Who can use the term “gone viral” now without shuddering a little? Who can look at anything any more — a door handle, a cardboard carton, a bag of vegetables — without imagining it swarming with those unseeable, undead, unliving blobs dotted with suction pads waiting to fasten themselves on[…]

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Haiti on the Precipice

Haiti on the precipice as coronavirus and US-imposed leadership take their toll By Jeb Sprague and Nazaire St. Fort, published on The Grayzone, March 30, 2020 Haitian President Jovenel Moïse announced on March 19 that two citizens in Haiti had tested positive for Covid-19, known popularly simply as the coronavirus. The government has closed Haiti’s border, ports, and airports to[…]

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