Stop the Wars at Home and Abroad!

Stop the $2 Billion Arms Sale to the Philippines

Statement from Chicago Anti-War Coalition, July 9, 2021 There is a sign-on statement you can sign asking Congress to Block the Billion Dollar Arms Sale to [the government of Philippine President] Duterte!  They are primarily seeking organizational sign-ons but individuals can sign as well. [jb] Many Filipinos are very upset with President Duterte and the passage of an Anti-Terrorism law[…]

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Defeat Duterte’s Fascism & Oust Duterte Now!

Bayan USA, August 1, 2020 On July 27, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte delivered his annual State of the Nation Address (SONA). He filled his speech with lies about the government’s successful response to COVID-19, empty promises for overseas Filipino workers, praise for his deadly military and police force, and excuses for not addressing the people’s long-standing aspirations for genuine sovereignty[…]

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