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Mairead Maguire Nominates Julian Assange for Nobel Peace Prize

by Mairead Maguire, published on World Beyond War, 09/2019 Mairead Maguire, has today written to the Nobel Peace Prize Committee in Oslo to nominate Julian Assange, Editor-in-Chief of Wikileaks, for the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize. In her letter to the Nobel Peace Committee, Ms. Maguire said: “Julian Assange and his colleagues in Wikileaks have shown on numerous occasions that they[…]

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Congo in the Abyss

By Ann Garrison, published on Black Agenda Report, October 17, 2018 The imperial aggressions of western governments have inflicted multiple holocausts on the Congolese people. “In Congo, globalized capitalism creates permanent chaos.” This week I spoke to Swiss Congolese historian, activist and coordinator of the Congolese movement Likambo Ya Mabele Bénédicte Kumbi Ndjoko about recent developments in the Democratic Republic[…]

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