Stop the Wars at Home and Abroad!

What You Should Really Know About Ukraine

by Bryce Greene, published on FAIR (Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting), January 28, 2022 As tensions began to rise over Ukraine, US media produced a stream of articles attempting to explain the situation with headlines like “Ukraine Explained” (New York Times, 12/8/21) and “What You Need to Know About Tensions Between Ukraine and Russia” (Washington Post, 11/26/21). Sidebars would have[…]

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No Compromise, No Retreat: Defeat the War Against the African/Black People in the U.S. and Abroad

by Ajamu Baraka, published on Black Agenda Report, June 3, 2020 The justice for George Floyd mobilizations today reflected the state’s worst nightmare – a multi-national and multi-racial action initiated by Black people with Black leadership. “A shift must occur away from the focus on individual justice for Floyd back to a critique and opposition to the ongoing structural violence[…]

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