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What Worries the US Most About Lula

by  Steve Ellner, published on Consortium News, November 3, 2022 President Joe Biden kept a promise to Lula da Silva by congratulating him for “free, fair and credible” elections minutes after Sunday’s results declared Lula the winner over incumbent Jair Bolsonaro. Pundits have interpreted the Biden administration’s words on the Brazilian election as a demonstration that it was rooting for[…]

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Four Straight Years of Nonstop Street Protest in Haiti

by Vijay Prashad, produced by Globetrotter, September 27, 2022 The destruction of Haiti appears to be an international project.  The US leads, having smashed their legitimate government repeatedly and destroyed any avenues toward independence, integrity or economic stability that have arisen.  What is their crime?  Is it an indpendent spirit, or merely the vulnerability of the small and weak?   […]

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What’s behind Hong Kong protests?

By Sara Flounders , published on International Action Center, August 16, 2019 The demonstrations in Hong Kong, now an open confrontation with the People’s Republic of China, have a global impact. What are the forces behind this movement? What provides the funds and who stands to benefit? The increasingly violent demonstrations in Hong Kong are completely embraced and enthusiastically supported[…]

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