Stop the Wars at Home and Abroad!

Nordic NATO Expansion – Or NATO Implosion?

by Peter Koenig, published on Global Research, May 19, 2022 This may amount to wishful thinking but it would be nice if NATO’s destructive force were eroded by the unacknowledged instabilities in the U.S. global system of dominance.  Few countries really want to be 100% on the U.S. or opposing teams.   Turkey and India are both dancing on the edge.  […]

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Global South Rejects U.S./NATO Aggression

by Betsey Piette, published on Workers World, March 8, 2022 As the U.S. and NATO work to advance their war against Russia now breaking out in Ukraine, many countries who have experienced imperialist aggression — by the U.S., France, Britain and other NATO members — are speaking out. They are denouncing the impact of U.S. sanctions as acts of war[…]

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