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U.S. Systemic Racism: From Slavery to George Floyd and Tyre Nichols

by Malik Miah, published on Socialist Action, March 9, 2023 Tyre Nichols, 29, was murdered by police in yet another modern-day lynching in Memphis, Tennessee on January 7. The city is nearly 70 percent African American, including a Black female police chief. What was unexpected and a surprise to many is that the five police officers were all African American.[…]

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Following the Chauvin verdict: Stay in the streets!

Workers World Party Statement, April 21, 2021 Workers World Party expresses its solidarity with the family of George Floyd, along with the Minneapolis community and anti-racist activists everywhere, who understandably applaud the three guilty verdicts against the racist, white, killer cop, Derek Chauvin, who wantonly lynched Floyd May 25, 2020. Chauvin was found guilty today, April 20, 2021, of second-degree[…]

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A 21st Century Lynching: Justice for Ahmaud Arbery!

by Dianne Mathiowetz, published on Workers World, May 12, 2020 In the early afternoon of Feb. 23, shots rang out on the tree-lined streets of Satilla Shores, a predominantly white neighborhood bordering the port city of Brunswick on Georgia’s Atlantic coast, some 40 miles north of Jacksonville, Fla. Afterward, a 25-year-old Black man, Ahmaud Arbery, lay dead on the pavement.[…]

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