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U.S. Policy in Korea is Stuck in a Time Warp With Little Having Changed Since 1950

by Dermot Hudson, published on Covert Action Magazine, January 15, 2024 The DPRK Has Thwarted U.S. Designs to Control the Korean Peninsula in a Major Historical Accomplishment. Revisiting the lead up to the Korean war, a tale of atrocities, before, during and after… an important description of events prior to the Korean War.  I had no idea so many of[…]

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Faced with U.S. ‘Decapitation Drill’/DPRK Korea Missile Launch is Self-Defense

by Sara Flounders, published on Workers World, August 26, 2022 The western corporate media described the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea’s launch of two missiles Aug. 17 as threatening, aggressive and paranoid. What most media failed to report was the prior U.S. military exercises with Japan and South Korea off Hawai’i, in preparation for extensive war exercises off Korea, that[…]

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Koreans Reject U.S. Efforts ‘To Overthrow Our System’

Photo: Pyeongchang Funfair boys,  ~Roman Harak, Flikr By Deirdre Griswold posted on Workers World, May 14, 019 Once again, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea has refused to be intimidated by the U.S. imperialist government an d its threats to the DPRK’s sovereignty and socialist system. After the U.S. State Department, headed by notorious right-winger Mike Pompeo, issued a statement[…]

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