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Korea After Liberation From Japan

by H.K.  Suh, Washington D.C. Today marks the 75th anniversary of Korea’s liberation from the Japanese colonial rule, yet it was not true independence as Korea was denied independent, self-government (as promised by the Allies during the wartime summits, and suggested on the US postage stamp shown below), but rather was suddenly divided arbitrarily in half without Koreans’ knowledge. As[…]

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North Korea Issue is Not De-Nuclearization but De-Colonization

by Ajamu Baraka, originally published on Black Agenda Report, June 13, 2018 “The psychopathology of white supremacy invisibilizes the absurdity and illegitimacy of the United States being in a position to negotiate the fate of millions of Koreans.” The critics had already signaled their strategy for derailing any meaningful move toward normalizing relations between the United States and North Korea.[…]

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