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Italians Protest Against Arms Shipment to Ukraine

from TeleSUR English, November 7, 2022 Protesters held banners, placards, and rainbow flags, demanding diplomatic efforts to solve the crisis in Ukraine. Tens of thousands of Italians gathered in Rome yesterday to protest against PM Giorgia Meloni’s decision to send weapons to Ukraine. Italians are fed up with Italian Prime Ministers kowtowing to Brussels and NATO. Take a look:[…]

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Call for Workers to Rally on Saturday 19 at the Pisa Airport !

Statement by Pisa Union of Airport Workers, published in Labor Today Newsletter, March 17, 2022 Labor Today Editorial Comment: USB (Union Sundacale Di Base) reports that airport workers in Pisa, Italy have refused to load planes headed for Poland disguised as “humanitarian aid” when the workers discovered that what was actually being shipped was weapons and ammunition, final destination, Ukraine! […]

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