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A Union Worker’s Perspective From Puerto Rico

by Walberto Rolón, published on Workers World, November 12, 2021 I began lineman training in 1989 – a chance that for many of Puerto Rico’s youth is nigh impossible unless you are favored by some political faction. [Puerto Rico’s main union for electrical workers is UTIER, the Unión de Trabajadores de la Industria Eléctrica y Riego (Electrical Industry and Irrigation[…]

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Puerto Ricans Resist Austerity Measures and Corporate Corruption

By Monica Cruz, published on Peoples Dispatch, October 20, 2021 On October 15, protestors shut down Puerto Rico’s Highway 18 in the capital San Juan chanting “Fuera Luma!”, our “Out Luma”, demanding an end to the government contract with the private energy company, Luma Energy. Their cries were echoed at protests on the same day in New York City, Miami and Philadelphia.[…]

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May Day in Puerto Rico: Mass marches combat austerity & privatization

Photo: The Teachers’ Federation of Puerto Rico (FMPR) continued its militant opposition to the government closing of public schools (left) during May Day in San Juan. Contingents from all regions and sectors of the people united against the assaults of U.S.-imposed austerity. By Berta Joubert-Ceci, originally posted on Workers World, May 8 On May Day, the extreme political devastation in[…]

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