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The Next Aggression that the U.S. is Preparing against Venezuela

from Mision Verdad, translated and published on Resumen English, July 21, 2023 This year, the legislative arm in Washington has introduced three bills in the U.S. Congress against Venezuela: the Prohibition of Transactions and Leases with Venezuela’s Illegitimate Authoritarian Regime Act, the Venezuelan Human Rights “AFFECT” Act and the Venezuelan Democracy Act. The bills have a common denominator: to further[…]

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The Longest War in U.S. History Has Left a Failed State in Afghanistan

by Lisa Sorush published on CovertAction Magazine, December 29, 2023 We cannot forget Afghanistan.  It is crystal clear evidence of the U.S. impunity heartlessness in destroying a Afghanistan is in the midst of a severe crisis as a result of the 20-year U.S.-NATO war which culminated in a return to the status quo—that is the return of the Taliban to[…]

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The $1.5 billion Campaign to Whitewash Genocide in Yemen

The Saudi-led coalition have intensified airstrikes on Hodeidah in recent months and a new front there is imminent. It will cut off 70% of imports to the country’s starving population. by Dan Glazebrook, March 2, 2018 The Situation in Yemen looks like the Apocolypse “The situation in Yemen – today, right now, to the population of the country,” UN humanitarian[…]

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