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Palestinian President Abbas’ Holocaust Remark and German Hypocrisy

by Peter Schwarz, published on World Socialist Website, August 18, 202 A statement by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas comparing Israeli massacres of Palestinians with the Holocaust has provoked from German media outlets and politicians a storm of indignation that would be hard to beat for its mendacity. At a joint press conference with Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz on Tuesday, Abbas[…]

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500 Years of Nakbas

by Glen Ford, originally published on Black Agenda Report “The Palestinians face the last bastion of legalized racial rule on the planet.” The great nakba, or “catastrophe,”began in 1492, when Christopher Columbus proclaimed the lands of the “Indies” for Spain. Within half a century of his voyage, 95 percent of the inhabitants of the America’s had been killed by European-borne[…]

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