Stop the Wars at Home and Abroad!

The Greenwash Con at Glasgow’s COP26

by Jeff Mackler, November 10, 2021 Literally hours before President Joseph Biden arrived in Glasgow for the COP26 United Nations climate conference, he addressed the G20 richest nations on earth in Rome demanding that the 24 OPEC+ oil-exporting nations dramatically increase their fossil fuel production in order to reduce the monopolized skyrocketing price of gasoline in the U.S., today, approaching[…]

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In Defence of Mother Earth System Change, Not Climate Change! We Have a Right to Life!

By Alison Bodine, published in Fire This Time, November, 2019 Issue “We made a decision to move forward on the pipeline because it was in the interest of Canada to do so because the environment and the economy need to go together. We will be continuing with the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion.” – Prime Minister elect Justin Trudeau, during his[…]

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Death, Misery and Bloodshed in Yemen

by Kathy Kelly, published on Voices for Creative Nonviolence, October 16, 2019 Writing about his visit to the world’s largest weapons bazaar, held in London during October, Arron Merat describes reading this slogan emblazoned above Raytheon’s stall: “Strike with Creativity.” Raytheon manufactures Paveway laser-guided bombs, fragments of which have been found in the wreckage of schools, hospitals, and markets across[…]

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