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Joe Biden’s US Foreign Policy: Return to the Old Normal?

by Roger Harris, published on Counterpunch, February 26, 2021 US President Biden bellicosely proclaimed, “American is back,” in his major foreign policy priorities speech at the Munich Security Conference on February 19. Repeated twice for effect, Biden signaled the end of the Trump interregnum. No more assuring words could have been uttered for George W. Bush’s former Defense Secretary Colin[…]

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What’s Behind the Protests Rocking Nicaragua?

Women and girls build a barricade in Managua, Nicaragua to protect their selfs from paramilitary and police. June 16 2018 by Christine Marie, published on Socialist Action, August 9, 2018 Since April, hundreds of thousands of Nicaraguans have taken to the streets in protest of the policies of the government led by FSLN President Daniel Ortega. The protests at one[…]

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