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The Nobodies Take Office in Colombia: An In-Depth Analysis

by Alina Duarte, published by The Council on Hemispheric Affairs, August 11, 2022 This article is pretty long, but will reward your attention.  The situation in Colombia is not settled but it appears to be a remarkable breakthrough for the people.[jb] Fleas dream of buying themselves a dog, and the nobodies dream of escaping poverty: that one magical day good[…]

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Global Applause as Leftist Gustavo Petro Wins Colombian Presidency

by Jake Johnson, published on Common Dreams, June 20, 2022 Former guerrilla fighter and longtime lawmaker Gustavo Petro defeated a millionaire businessman viewed as Colombia’s Donald Trump on Sunday to become the South American nation’s first leftist president-elect, riding a wave of mass anger over inequality, poverty, and the corruption of the right-wing political establishment. “The government of hope has[…]

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Are There Veterans For Peace In Colombia?

by   James Patrick Jordan, published on Popular Resistance, June 15, 2022 This article was originally published on the Alliance for Global Justice Website on June 14.  Since then, left leaning candidate Gustavo Petro and Vice Presidential candidate Francia Marquez won the presidential election.  This is a big moment for Colombia, which has been dominated by the U.S. and ruled by[…]

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