Stop the Wars at Home and Abroad!

The War in Ukraine and its Effects on Latin America and the Caribbean

by Carlos Mauricio Ferolla and Marcelo Depieri , published on Resumen,  March 23, 2022 On February 24, war broke out in Ukraine after the invasion of the Russian army. The war has a global impact on a multipolar international system, hyperconnected and in a critical state, undergoing a process of hegemonic transition from the West to the East. The military[…]

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War and Food

by Silvia Ribeiro, published on Resumen, March 26, 2022 Food prices rising rapidly, apparently as a consequence of the war in Russia and Ukraine is having serious impact for many populations, exposing the global vulnerability in which the industrial agri-food system dominated by transnational corporations places us. According to United Nations sources, we are on the verge of a new[…]

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While the Stock Market is Booming, Jobs Report Hides Hunger

By G. Dunkel posted on Workers World, September 11, 2020 Getting enough food was hard for people working low-wage jobs before the pandemic. Now it’s harder, given the huge increase in unemployment — 29 million jobless workers now live off meager unemployment insurance. Millions without work are getting nothing, and more than 50 million people are “food insecure,” meaning they[…]

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