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US LABOR DAY: Central American Migrants & US Labor History

by Elizabeth Oglesby, published on Consortium News, September 3, 2022 Tech workers, warehouse employees and baristas have notched many victories in recent months at major U.S. companies long deemed long shots for unions, including Apple, Amazon and Starbucks. To me, these recent union wins recall another pivotal period in the U.S. labor movement several decades ago. But that one was[…]

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NicaNotes: A Gringo in the Plaza: 40 Years of Sandinista Struggle

David Archuleta Jr., National Co-Coordinator AFGJ (Alliance For Global Justice), July 14, 2019 Not even the mosquito-rich Managuan heat could stop the onrush of Nicaraguans from every department in the country to the Plaza de la Fe. They came adorned with FSLN hats, #danielsequeda t-shirts, red and black on every possible accessory. Thousands came by bus, cramming every seat and[…]

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On the Picket Line

By Alex Bolchi and Sue Davis posted on Workers World, March 18, 2018 Support Spectrum workers’ strike! Union busting is the name of the zero-sum game that telecommunications giant Charter Communications, known for its Spectrum brand, is playing in New York City against 1,800 workers in International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 3, who have been on strike since March[…]

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