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Climate justice is integral to development justice

Header photo from Citizen News Website by Shobha Shukla, previously published on CounterCurrents blog Climate justice is integral to development justice, as it is essential for building a brave feminist future sans power and wealth inequalities. This is the dream of feminists in the Asia Pacific region, including Misun Woo, who recently took over charge as the Regional Coordinator for[…]

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Union group argues for public ownership of energy systems

by Christine Marie, originally published on Socialist Action, Feb 18, 2018 As Bill McKibben and other climate leaders keep reminding us, the cost of solar and wind energy keeps dropping. They assure us that if government continues to incentivize private investment with guarantees of profitable it would make these renewable sources competitive with fossil fuels and lead to a green[…]

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Is Trump a ‘Moron’?

Originally posted on Socialist Action. When U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson told a National Security Council meeting last week, from which President Trump had departed, that his boss was a “fucking moron,” it’s likely that Tillerson, who has refused to deny his characterization, was not referring literally to any diminished mental capacity of the president. After all, any billionaire[…]

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